A Letter To The Person That Stole My Backpack

Something happened over the past 24 hours that I’m not sure how to explain. It’s never easy when something of yours is taken and you don’t even get to see the person that took it. It could have been anyone. Your neighbor. Your best friend. The employees at Too Many Backpacks! that originally sold you the item.

But it goes beyond just seeing them. You want to say something to them. You have a thought that simply needs to be unleashed. Well, to the person that stole my backpack, I’ve got one thing to say: there’s a banana in the front pocket, you’d better take that out.

Have you ever left a banana in your backpack for too long? Not only does it make the banana itself mushy, the entire backpack begins to smell like banana. And there’s no way to get that out.

Bananas aren’t the only fruit that’s dangerous to leave in a backpack too long. Take strawberries for example. You risk ruining the strawberry and leaking the juices throughout your bag. That’s no good.

Now I know what you’re thinking. “Why didn’t you just use a plastic bag?” And have it never biodegrade and end up in the ocean someday, where it will most likely strangle a seagull? No thank you.

And so, annonymous theif, I say this: apples are a much better fruit when it comes to travel. I will try and be more aware of this in the future. Thank you.



CC Photo Courtesy of Flickr/slgc

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Posted June 14, 2016 by anthony in category "Blog
written and composed by Anthony Elio