Arguments Against Gun Control

While the gun control issue has been a conversation for many years, recent events have forced it back into the mainstream. Both sides have many points to back up their views. Let’s take a second to see why gun control would be negative for these United States:

We won’t be able to use the “knives kill people too” argument anymore

A classic argument against gun control is the fact that knives, pool cues, and boards with nails through them also kill people but continue to go unregulated. Why would we let such a powerful point die off just because so many people are?
Dangerously underpaid NRA employees would go hungry

The National Rifle Association only received around $176 million dollars in 2015 from memberships. In comparison? McDonald’s made roughly much more than that. Do you know what kills people? Heart disease. Where’s the burger control for that? Are we going to allow Mayor McCheese to take a shower in money while the heads of the NRA walk around in rags? I’d like to think we, as a country, are better than that.
Millions of automatic weapon punch cards will go unused

This problem speaks for itself. What are my fellow Americans going to do if they’re getting ready to purchase their 9th automatic rifle and their next one will be free? Has this world gone mad?
Criminals will just find a different weapon that can shoot 800 rounds in a minute

I’m pretty sure I’m not the first to say I’m tired of the negative portrayal of guns just because they can kill a roomful of people in a matter of seconds. We all know if guns get strict regulations, somebody will just find some other way to slaughter a large group of people in a very short amout of time. Most likely some kind of cannon filled with machetes. Why not just give up now?


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Posted January 3, 2016 by anthony in category "Blog
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