Biggest Super Bowl Questions

Here is it – the big game! The clash of the titans. The blender full of old socks. We’ve been waiting all season to find out what two NFL teams would meet up in the Super Bowl. With the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers are ready to square off, there are still plenty of questions to be answered. What are these questions? Let’s find out below.

Has Peyton Manning ever kissed a girl?

In Manning’s many years of playing NFL football, we’ve seen him pass for thousands of yards, win many games, and toss many touchdowns. However, what have we never seen him do onscreen? Kiss a single girl. Sure, it’s easy to go around bragging about how many girls you’ve kissed. But when not a single photograph exists, I find i hard to believe.

Will the Noid make a commercial comeback?

Avoid the Noid – he ruins pizzas! But seriously, where has the Noid been? The popular Dominos spokesperson has been missing for many years now. Where has he run off to? Unless there have been behind-the-scenes spokesperson issues on the Subway level, there is no excuse for the red 80’s pizze mascot to be back.

Will Coldplay play “I Put My Love In A Box And Then Put That Box In A Bigger Box?”

The Super Bowl halftime show is a perfect time to sit down and see the hits played with a special appearance by Lenny Kravitz. But will Coldplay stick to only their top singles? Personally, I’m hoping they whip out the deep tracks, such as “I Put My Love In A Box And Then Put That Box In A Bigger Box” and “I Dropped My Keys In The Ocean Of Your Eyes And I Need Them Later”.

Will the greenskeeper remember to cut the lawn before the big game?

There’s nothing more difficult than trying to run through the tall grass. It slows you down and can lead to lime disease. This means the pressure is on for the Levi’s Stadium greenskeeper to run the lawnmover over the field. Will he succeed? I’ll be on the edge of my seat until I find out.


CC photo courtesy of Flickr/aidanmorgan

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Posted February 3, 2016 by anthony in category "Blog
written and composed by Anthony Elio