Biggest Takeaways From Obama’s Final State Of The Union Address

Just like that, the final State Of The Union by our 44th President is over. The President went through many topics, trying to touch upon many of the hot button issues Americans havebeen wondering about. Did his opinions satisfy the American Public? Let’s take a look at what the President said:

-Began the address by asking that nobody tell him the score to the Bulls game, as he was taping it

-Claimed he was not crying during last speech, saying it was allergies

– Finally admitted he was born in Kentucky

-Outlined how apples are better than pears, calling pears a “garbage fruit”

-Called for an end to different shoe sizes for men and women, wanting only two sizes: “Enlarged” and “Miniscule”

-Addressed the incorrect results of a recent poll, revealing he’s more of a Miranda than a Samantha

-Ended the speech by plugging his DeviantArt page



CC Photo by Flickr/joecrimmings

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Posted January 12, 2016 by anthony in category "Blog
written and composed by Anthony Elio