Captain America: Civil War Review

When you think of the words “America” and “Civil” and “War” and “Captain”, what do you think of? That’s right, you think of Captain America: Civil War. Coming soon to a theater near you.

So how was the epic clash between superheroes? Well, I haven’t seen it yet but I’ll go ahead and make an educated guess that it’s satisfactory. There will be intense scenes of kicking, reverse kicking, and high knee kicking. And I’d say anywhere from 2 to 3 cars will be damaged.

Additionally, I assume there will be a good amount of the film dedicated to Tony Stark (or “Iron Man” to you non-comic reading dweebs) deciding whether or not to shave his trademark facial hair. This was a big part of the Civil War arc in the comics, and I’d like to see how they handle it here. While I’d be happy if they kept it in just to stay true to the source material, I wouldn’t mind if they left it out just for the sake of timing.

Amongst my other predictions, I’m going to assume there will be no ducks in the film, but at least three geese. However, no more than five geese.

Overall, while I haven’t yet seen it, I give Captain America: Civil War a 12.



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Posted May 5, 2016 by anthony in category "Blog
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