Celebrity Spotlight: Martin Scorsese

One of the more influential film director of our time, Martin Scorsese is best known for films such as Raging Bull, Raging Bull Part II, and Son Of Raging Bull.  He has directed as many as those three films, and has won as many as a few awards. Let’s take a look at some interesting facts about him:

First Movie: Italian Guy Shoots Italian Guy, Still Has Family Life (1966)

Prefer Stalactites Or Stalagmites?: Neither

Biggest Regret: Failed reboot of the Deuce Bigalow series

Worst Child: Barry Scorsese, who never payed him back the gas money he owes

Notable Quote: “Sometimes I dress up my Oscar in a little tuxedo. I made a small scale model of his own Academy Awards, where he can win his own little Oscar. He asked me to be his date, but I simply can’t fit in that auditorium!”



CC Photo Courtesy Of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shutter_Island_(film)#/media/File:Martin_Scorsese_Berlinale_2010.jpg

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