Did George W. Bush Leave His Ranch Dressing In The White House Fridge?

People seem to forget how difficult it must be to move on from something, let alone something as huge as the Presidency. And not jut in terms of the mental effects of moving on, but the physical. There’s a great Massachusetts saying that “you can’t take it with you”, and I think we should all think of that every once in awhile.

Well, in case you don’t remember, one George W. Bush oficially ended his term on January 20, 2009. Which, coincidentally, is the same day Yoplait released its controvrsial “Berry Berry Unordinary” flavor. Fate has an interesting way of reminding us how small the world is.

Bush has always said that he has no regrets over the course of his Presidency. However, is it possible that he had forgotten a bottle of ranch dressing in the White House fridge before leaving?

He has said many times in interview that he “misses something” about the White House. Is it possible he’s alluding to a bottle of Newman’s Own ranch dressing he had left behind?

The problem is, we won’t know for sure until January of 2017, when the Obamas will be vacating the premises. Is that Bush’s chance to make a mad dash for the fridge to double check? I’d say definitely.


CC Photo Courtesy Of Wikipedia/Bush Doctrine

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Posted June 22, 2016 by anthony in category "Blog
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