Guest Post: Bernie Sanders Promises Seinfeld Reunion If Elected

Written By W.R. Hayden

In a statement that shocked the country and a small PBS studio Thursday February 11 during the Democratic Presidential Debate, Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders announced his plans to bring back Seinfeld for one more season if he is elected president. The announcement comes after a sweeping win in the New Hampshire Democratic primaries, following a loss by coin-toss to Hillary Clinton in Iowa earlier this month.

“I wanted to keep the momentum going,” Sanders said after the debate, “The people loved my SNL skit with Larry David. So I told Larry, ‘look, together we can help take the United States back from the interests of the super-rich–back into the hands of the American people.’”

Sanders has offered many controversial solutions to the current economic and social issues facing the American people, including a single payer healthcare system, tuition-free college, Medicaid for all, increased minimum wage and extreme Wall Street and large corporation reforms. His announcement to bring back Seinfeld for one more season, however, may be his most daring and extreme move yet.

In response to Bernie Sanders’ wild proposal, Hillary Clinton claimed she would bring back 10 more seasons of How I Met Your Mother, but was unable to offer details as to how she would make it happen.

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Posted February 12, 2016 by anthony in category "Blog
written and composed by Anthony Elio