Hey, Has Anyone Seen My Sunglasses?

I know this is mostly where I post news, blogs, and quizzes about which Smurf you are, but I just had one question: has anyone seen my sunglasses?

I was walking home from the hat store and noticed I was missing something. I had my keys, my phone… then it hit me.

Sorry to break from the norm, but I’ve been looking everywhere for them. I got them at the K-Mart just a week ago and could really use them. I know it’s been mostly cloudy out, but the doctor says I have sensitive eyes.

They were those black sunglasses with the UV  protection. At least I believe they were UV protected.  I heard you’re not supposed to get any without UV protection.

Ahh, I know I should have taken advantage of that 2 for $10 deal. I just heard somewhere that’s how they get you. Although, I would have gotten more K-points. And those points add up, you know.

I should have called a few places before posting this, shouldn’t I? I just didn’t want to cause a rucus at my local hat store.

OK, I’ll head back to th K-Mart. Sorry for wasting your time.



CC Photo courtesy of Flickr/Bohman

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Posted February 3, 2016 by anthony in category "Blog
written and composed by Anthony Elio