I Heard If You Play “Rudy” By Cher Backwards, She Says “ISIS Is Nice-Is”

Backmasking is a tool widely used by musicians to put a hidden message into their songs. For example, the Beatles famously put words such as “Paul Is Dead” and “Ringo ate all the bagels” into their songs utilizing backmasking. However, sometimes the example is a bit more modern and sometimes the message is just a bit darker.

In 1982, Cher’s long list of hit singles just continued to grow. Her latest single at the time, “Rudy”, was possibly written about that guy from that movie. But I’m not sure. All I do know is that the song was a big hit. A big hit with a hidden secret.

Like the Beatles and probably other bands before them, Cher decided to use the song to insert a controversial message. If you play the song backwards, at around the two-minute mark, you can distinctly hear her saying “ISIS is Nice-is.”

At least, that’s what somebody from work told me. I don’t have a copy of the song and am not totally sure how to play anything backwards, but I believe the person that told me. They’re the same person that broke the story on Wesley Snipes going bankrupt after all.

All I can say is shame on Cher. Why would she go out of her way just to implant such an insensitive and disturbing message into her music? Well, here’s one blogger who won’t contribute to her agenda anymore.



CC Photo Courtesy Of Fair use, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=5676013

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Posted February 23, 2016 by anthony in category "Blog
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