OPINION: It’s Time To Repeal The “Two For Flinching” Law

Time has allowed us to figure out the validity of our established laws more thoroughly. Sometimes a law stands the test of time, other times we realize too late that a law needs to be abolished. For example, did you know you could legally kill a man in Massachusetts as long as it was during a mattress sale? Luckily, we mostly repeal these laws before it’s too late.

Other times we, as Americans, aren’t so lucky.

The “Two For Flinching” Act, made by lawmakers in Colonial times, has gone on too long. The law was originally created when historical lawmaker Biff Abraham mimed punching his sister. When his sister flinched at the pretend punch, Biff had an inspired idea. A law to punish those who prematurely avoided a predetermined punch. He would immediately draft means to make his concept official law.

His sister, on the other hand, was tried as a witch and burnt at the stake.

While the law was all well and good for whenever Colonial Times were, this is the here and now. It’s time to make the changes as a society we need.

America is a country of change. We changed the original Statue Of Liberty because it only had four fingers. We changed the Bill Of Rights to follow an aa bb rhyme scheme. We gave Abraham Lincoln a hat to cover his perm.

It’s time we made a change. If not, what seperates us from the people that probably didn’t even have flashlights?

Not very much.


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Posted February 21, 2016 by anthony in category "Blog
written and composed by Anthony Elio