OPINION: Nobody Actually Knows How To Tie A Tie

I don’t want to speak for everybody. I believe that would be quite brash of me. But, come one, we all have to be honest with ourselves here. Have you ever actually tied a tie or even attempted to? Because it’s absolutely impossible.

So why do we continue to kid ourselves?

Because the tie industry is full of manipulative fatcats. You see, they set up these impossble standards for men by creating a fashion accesory that requires a Harvard graduate to complete. It’s a way to keep people down, take their money, confuse them, then force them to purchase a clip on in the end anyways.

So if you claim to know how to tie a tie or leave a comment saying otherwise, just understand this: no. No you don’t. That’s just what the suits in the tie industry want you to think. And what are they wearing with those suits? Clip on ties I assume.

Signed, Dissapointed.

This was an open letter to the tie industry by the way.

I should have mentioned that earlier.



CC Photo Courtesy Of Flickr/zimpenfish

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Posted May 16, 2016 by anthony in category "Blog
written and composed by Anthony Elio