OPINION: TV’s Are Like Phones, But Bigger And Can’t Make Calls

I never set out to blow people’s minds or change people’s perspectives too much. But, once in a while, I do like to make people think. And here’s something worth thinking about: televisions.

Have you ever looked at a television and really thought about what they do? They transmit video and audio content into your home. Now look at your phone. What does it do? That’s right, transmit video and audio content into your home. Like I said, didn’t mean to blow your mind.

The only difference between the two? A television can’t make calls. And it’s bigger.

It’s these kinds of little things in life that make you really think about things. Or perhaps not. But try this on for size: you can put a phone in a cell phone holder. Can you put a television in a cell phone holder? Most likely not.



CC Photo Courtesy Of Flickr/dailyinvention

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Posted May 30, 2016 by anthony in category "Blog
written and composed by Anthony Elio