OPINION: What If That Cincinatti Gorilla Was Just A Man In A Suit?

One hot topic that has been burning white hot lately is the controversy regarding a gorilla in a Cincinatti zoo that was shot to death when a 4-year-old entered its enclosure. Many are saying this was wrong, as it was a specifically rare breed of gorilla. Others are saying that it’s the mother’s fault for telling her son that gorillas are nice and won’t rip him to shreds.

But I’ve got something that would change everyone’s minds: what if this rare breed of gorilla were, in fact, a man in a suit?

Would that change your mind? I mean, the gorilla was notorious for its rarity, but we have plenty of people on the Earth. It likely wouldn’t even be a news story if tat was the case.

It’s not like we haven’t seen it before. In the popular drama Trading Places, a man is mistaken for a real gorilla after being placed in a suit. And, considering it was never mentioned again, I’m going to assume he continued to be mistaken for a gorilla the rest of his life.

Now, am I saying that’s what happened here? Possibly. Since there aren’t doctors for apes, we’ll most likely never know. And isn’t that the real crime?


CC Photo Courtesy Of YouTube

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Posted June 2, 2016 by anthony in category "Blog
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