Shooting Yourself In The Leg Vs. Not Shooting Yourself In The Leg

For those outside of the realm of sports, it may not be well known that Denver Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib was shot in the leg recently, supposedly by himself. If he indeed was the shooter, the incident would be strikingly similar to a 2008 occurence involving New York Giants wide reciever Plaxico Burress, in which he shot himself in the leg by accident. The two stories have brought one particular debate into the mainstream:

Should you shoot yourself in the leg or not shoot yourself in the leg?

It’s one of those things you hear the talking heads on CNN and Fox News and TBS talk about so often that you pretty much tune it out. However, I feel given the possibility of Talib’s incident, we should once again discuss the complex issue.

On the outside, shooting yourself in the leg doesn’t seem like the greatest idea. In fact, it may actually hurt your leg. And waste a bullet in the process, which I hear are quite expensive. However, I’ve never actually shot myself in the leg. So, really, I’m not sure if I’m qualified to discuss the issue. While I do own a leg, I am not currently a gun owner.  So I may have to have to leave this one up the the Constitution, where it’s explicitly stated we have the right to shoot ourselves in the leg.

But that’s just what it is: a right. Not a privelage.



CC Photo Courtesy Of Wikipedia/Bridgeport_rig

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Posted June 9, 2016 by anthony in category "Blog
written and composed by Anthony Elio