“The Bachelor” Season Finale Recap

After many weeks of waiting, we finally know who will be spending the rest of their mortal lives with our 20th bachelor. Let’s take a look at everything that transpired during the season finale of the 20th season of The Bachelor.

-Opening of episode showed montage of contestants that weren’t chosen along with an image of their least favorite potato dish

-Bachelor Ben was faced with a difficult decision. After getting both arms trapped in different mayonaise jars, he had to decide which one he could live without

-Contestant JoJo revealed she doesn’t think you could build a snowman in space. Ben agreed

– Ben introduced the two final contestants to the scientist that created him, the vat of ectoplasmic goo he survives on, and his cousin Bill

-Contestant Lauren tried on hats for five minutes but never bought one

– The final competition sees which contestant can chew through solid oak. JoJo is disqualified



Photo Courtesy Of PopSugar


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