Unbelievable! Obama Was At A Nearby Arby’s During Nancy Reagan Funeral

I am at a loss for words. They say that this is the “Senior Spring” of sorts for our two term President. Well, it looks like he’s simply stopped showing up for class alltogether,

Nancy Reagan, who passed away this past week, was laid to rest early this morning. Her funeral was attended by many large political figures, such as Hilary Clinton and George W. Bush, whose brother Jeb worked the valet for the service.

Notice a name missing? That’s right, the POTUS himself, Barack Obama. While the Obama team claims he was out doing serious work, where was he spotted during the funeral? A nearby Arby’s restaurant.

How nearby was the Arby’s? Right across the street from the service.

“I saw him walk into the Arby’s just as the service was starting” Jeb Bush recalled. “I was just parking Condoleezza Rice’s Dodge Viper and watched him order.”

Come on Obama. There’s not taking your job seriously and then there’s just not caring. I think you owe Mrs. Reagan a bit more respect than to order a Beef N’ Cheaddar across from the place she’s being put to rest.


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Peyton Manning Career Highlights

The career of professional quarterback Peyton Manning is officially over. The career of professional late night infomercial salesman Peyton Manning has begun. But before that, let’s take a quick look at the ups, downs, and downs and slight up of Payton Manning.

March 24, 1976: Born 6 lbs, 0/0, 0 TD 0 INT

September 23, 1979: First word, commercial endorsement

November 13, 1984: First denial of HGH use in Pop Warner

December 21, 1991: Also forgets who Cooper Manning is

April 18, 1998: Starts getting paid to play a game

Septermber 26, 2011: Succesfully reanimated, chased by angry mob

February 7, 2016: Masterfully doesn’t lose Super Bowl




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Insensitive Much? This Lego Character Uses A Wheelchair But Doesn’t Need One

I’m usually not someone to call out a company for crossing the line of political correctness. But sometimes, we all just have to speak up.

It was announced this week that the latest set of Lego toys will have a controversial new character. Ramp Requiring Randy, an original creation from the Lego corporation, has a bit of an offensive backstory.

According to the official Lego website, Randy “sat in the wheelchair once as a joke, but noticed that it got him a lot of action. He now rides it everywhere despite being in good health.”

Wow. Just wow.

While I believe it’s important that people in wheelchairs are represented in our media, this just isn’t the way to do it. Some will find it offensive and possibly even vaguely threaten to stop purchasing products from the company.

It’s the year 2016, Lego. Get it together.



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Peyton Manning Gives Thanks To All His Devoted Brands

After weeks of speculating, former elite quarterback and current decent quarterback Peyton Manning has announced his retirement. After two Super Bowl championships, numerous MVP awards, and immeasurable forehead growth, Manning gave a tear-filled message to his brands earlier today:

“You guys have been with me since the beginning. Bengay pain relief cream helped sooth my sore muscles my rookie year. American Airlines always made sure I got to the game on time. And who could forget the KFC Double Down, which gave me the protein and energy needed to get back on top.”

Manning, whose suit was adorned with advertisements for TurboTax and Pandora Internet Radio, paused for a moment, clearly overcome with emotion.

“A lot of people have been asking me what I’m going to do now that my playing career is over. Well, I wouldn’t say no to the great selection of the Sonic Drive Thru, now serving Green Mountain Coffee.”

Manning ended the annnouncement, shook hands with a tearful Hamburglar, and shouted “you can’t beat the roomy interior of a 2016 Ford Explorer” before stepping into his 2016 Ford Explorer.


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The Cast Of Norbit: Where Is He Now?

We were all huge fans of the 2007 comedy classic Norbit. An instant hit, the film is a tale of a young man caught in a hazardous relationship, there were laughs aplenty to be had.

However, that movie came out nearly ten years ago. Many of us are curious where the cast of Norbit is now. Well, the answer is here.

The entire cast got together for a quick interview with AnthonyEliOhYeah.com:

Anthony: Hello Mr. Murphy. I’d like to talk to you about Norbit.

Eddie Murphy: *whispering* Excuse me?

Anthony: Did you really play every part in the film?

Eddie Murphy: Please get that camera away from me. This is a funeral.

Anthony: When will we see Norbit 2?

Murphy: Please quiet down. This is very serious.

Anthony: Was there any inspiration for the character of Norb-

While our site’s field reporter was mistakenly taken away by security, it’s always interesting to get together with the cast of a film to relive the glory days. And, while details are apparently pretty hush-hush from the film’s star, could Norbit 2 be on the horizon? I guess we’ll just have to keep waiting.



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The REAL History Of Pokémon

For those not in the know, barely in the know, or simply stuck in a bubble of blissful ignorance, today is the official 20th anniversary of the Pokemon franchise.  To celebrate, let’s take an in-depth look at the history of the franchise.










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Arguments Against Gun Control

While the gun control issue has been a conversation for many years, recent events have forced it back into the mainstream. Both sides have many points to back up their views. Let’s take a second to see why gun control would be negative for these United States:

We won’t be able to use the “knives kill people too” argument anymore

A classic argument against gun control is the fact that knives, pool cues, and boards with nails through them also kill people but continue to go unregulated. Why would we let such a powerful point die off just because so many people are?
Dangerously underpaid NRA employees would go hungry

The National Rifle Association only received around $176 million dollars in 2015 from memberships. In comparison? McDonald’s made roughly much more than that. Do you know what kills people? Heart disease. Where’s the burger control for that? Are we going to allow Mayor McCheese to take a shower in money while the heads of the NRA walk around in rags? I’d like to think we, as a country, are better than that.
Millions of automatic weapon punch cards will go unused

This problem speaks for itself. What are my fellow Americans going to do if they’re getting ready to purchase their 9th automatic rifle and their next one will be free? Has this world gone mad?
Criminals will just find a different weapon that can shoot 800 rounds in a minute

I’m pretty sure I’m not the first to say I’m tired of the negative portrayal of guns just because they can kill a roomful of people in a matter of seconds. We all know if guns get strict regulations, somebody will just find some other way to slaughter a large group of people in a very short amout of time. Most likely some kind of cannon filled with machetes. Why not just give up now?


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