Friends Fans Rejoice! The Cast Plans To Reunite At Matthew Perry’s Funeral

Are you a fan of the show Friends? Is somebody you know a Friends fanatic? Did your great aunt just whisper her dying breath into your ear, questioning the possibility of more Friends episodes, before drifting to the realm of shadows?

Then I’ve got news for you!

Rumors of a Friends reunion have been circulating since 2004, when the show officially ceased production. Well, the world of Friends fandom was rocked when the stars agreed to a reunion.

The terms of the reunion, as relayed be cast members in a recent interview, would be during costar Matthew Perry’s funeral.

“We know people have been excited for this for months” star Courtney Cox relayed to a media source. “But once we’re all there, carrying Matthew’s casket, the fans will know it’s finally happening.”

While there has been no exact date scheduled for the funeral, the IMDb page for the reunion has an ominous scheduled date of May 2020.

Meanwhile, the cast of Seinfeld recenty announced a possible reunion during the next co-star’s racial tirade.


CC Photo Courtesy Of Flickr/hotrodhomepage

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