I Read Some A.I.-Written Harry Potter!

In case you didn’t know, a company called Botnik Studios recently created their very own Harry Potter chapter completely with artificial intelligence. In the video below, I do a dramatic reading of the chapter and see if I can pull off wearing reading glasses.

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Celebrity Spotlight: J.K. Rowling

Today we are focusing on J.K. “Justified Kicking” Rowling. She is best known for writing the Harry Potter series of books. However, did you also know that she shares the same birth date, blood type, and biological parents as actor J.K. Simmons? Read on to learn more facts about Ms. Rowling:

Planned Works: Harry Potter And The Student Loan Collection, Harry Potter And The Search For Affordable Life Insurance, Harry Potter And The Realization He’s Not What He Once Was

40 Yard Dash Speed: 4.4

Highest Award: Nestlé Crunch Bar’s Crunchtastic Author Of The Month, October 2002

Least Favorite Harry Potter Character: Evil Harry Potter, an evil version of the titular character who was planned to be revealed as the true villian of the book series in book 7

Notable Quote: “Originally I wanted Harry to die in the last novel. But not killed by Voldemort. I wanted him to collapse after getting a nasty papercut from reading one of his own books. I wanted it to be a public service announcement of sorts. My books may have caused millions of hemophiliacs to die and it makes me greatly ashamed of my creation.”




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