OPINION: If Lincoln Were Alive Today, He Would Be Cyberbullied By Millenials

Now I’m not the kind of person that will just bombard you with hypotheticals, but I believe they really are important for having a discussion.

We all want to know what it would have been like if Lee Harvey Oswald sneezed before taking that fatal shot, or if Gandhi was caught binge eating Pop Tarts during his supposed hunger strikes.

And one thing we all have wondered at one point is regarding our very own former President of the United States Abraham Lincoln. What if he were around today? Would he look at our current system and see racial injustices and perhaps try to change things? Would he seize the world with his speaking skills?

Well, I can’t speak to any of those things. But one thing’s for sure: he would be on the internet. And he would be cyberbullied by millenials within seconds.

First off, consider who it is we’re talking about. In Abraham Lincoln’s time they probably had never even heard of the computer, let alone had dreams of one day surfing the web. A comment section would eat him alive.

While he’s no doubt an educated man with no lack of credentials, he simply does not have the interenet wherewithal to avoid getting totally owned online. I simply wouldn’t have the heart to watch an American political icon get told to “GTFO” without totally understanding what that means.

It’s a sad truth, but someone had to say it.





CC Photo Courtesy Of Youtube/watch?v=7Ik8MybYy10

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