Unbelievable! Obama Was At A Nearby Arby’s During Nancy Reagan Funeral

I am at a loss for words. They say that this is the “Senior Spring” of sorts for our two term President. Well, it looks like he’s simply stopped showing up for class alltogether,

Nancy Reagan, who passed away this past week, was laid to rest early this morning. Her funeral was attended by many large political figures, such as Hilary Clinton and George W. Bush, whose brother Jeb worked the valet for the service.

Notice a name missing? That’s right, the POTUS himself, Barack Obama. While the Obama team claims he was out doing serious work, where was he spotted during the funeral? A nearby Arby’s restaurant.

How nearby was the Arby’s? Right across the street from the service.

“I saw him walk into the Arby’s just as the service was starting” Jeb Bush recalled. “I was just parking Condoleezza Rice’s Dodge Viper and watched him order.”

Come on Obama. There’s not taking your job seriously and then there’s just not caring. I think you owe Mrs. Reagan a bit more respect than to order a Beef N’ Cheaddar across from the place she’s being put to rest.


CC Photo Courtesy Of Flickr/mediajorgenyc and jeepersmedia




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Posted March 11, 2016 by anthony in category "Blog
written and composed by Anthony Elio